Meet the Company Director


Tessa White

I knew I loved dancing at the age of three and have danced my whole life!  At the age of twelve I received a scripture that has become  a life verse.  Ephesians 4 ....“Walk in a manner worthy of the calling which you have been called.” At the same time, my church began asking me to come dance  at their services. I felt there was no greater joy than to worship God through this beautiful art form.  As the years went on, I started dancing in  many other churches and outreaches.  My dream was to find other dancers who shared the same passion.

At the age of sixteen,  I moved to the foothills and met a group of girls who also loved to dance and had a desire to dance for God.  It was then, back in 1999, that Ballet Rejoice was founded.  With the  formation of Ballet Rejoice and also the founding of a ballet school a few years later,  I began to realize God had a bigger  vision than my own.  He kept bringing dancers before me and I developed a lifelong commitment to sharing the gift of dancing for God's glory with my dancers and students.  For the past 20 years I've had the pleasure of teaching dance & choreography, directing, and mentoring  hundreds of dancers.  Not only to train them in excellence in dance,  but to help them understand they are valuable and loved by God.  Ballet Rejoice has been sustained for all of these years by many people, most especially Sarah Russell. Now,  I am excited to be continuing this ministry through the Ballet Rejoice  Company and School for the Arts. 

Through the years, many Ballet Rejoice  company members have taken the things they have learned in Ballet Rejoice beyond the company to pursue careers in the arts and start new ministries in other places and even across the world. I am  excited to continue to see how God decides to use this company.