Having danced with Tessa as well as taking her classes over the past 15 years, I can say with 100% confidence that her teaching skills are amazing! From working with young dancers and fostering their love for ballet to instructing advanced levels. she brings beauty and technique to a whole new level. Tessa's instruction is creative, challenging, detailed and patient. I highly recommend her!  -Anne Marie Barr

I can't imagine a better dance instructor than Tessa because dance has always been her passion. That passion combined with her years of training, performing, and teaching are an incredible combination for someone looking for just the right fit in a ballet instructor. The fact that Tessa is a genuinely nice person is an added bonus.  - Julie Dalton

My name is Lauren Boyce, and I have been dancing for almost ten years.   God has richly blessed me with the opportunity to dance for Ballet Rejoice for the last four years.  I am a part of Ballet Rejoice because it is a wonderful way to praise and give glory to the Lord for all He has done!  My fellow sisters in Christ are also so dear and uplifting as well, and have been a blessing and inspiration to me over the years!

Tessa is an incredible person and an amazing ballet instructor. Tessa has worked with my daughter for a couple of years in both ballet and Christian Dance and we both adore her. Her technique and instruction is very professional and far superior to most instructors in the area. Tessa has a heart for God and a love for ballet and truly instills a passion and love for ballet in her students. Tessa is a positive role model for all her students. She is encouraging, consistent and uses a hands on teaching approach with great attention to detail and solid ballet technique to build a strong foundation. Her choreography is lovely. You are in great hands with Miss Tessa. We truly believe in her. - Rebecca Tierney

Ballet Rejoice is the reason I dance. I love that I am able to worship God through my dancing. I am so thankful the Lord has put this in my life, and my hope is that you'll find the Lord too! -Hannah Caminiti

I have witnessed Tessa teach ballet and instruct students for many, many years! Tessa has a gentle, passionate style of teaching that is encouraging to each dancer she comes in contact with. Technique has always been top priority for Tessa. Students leave her classes feeling inspired and motivated. Not only is she a technically qualified instructor, she demonstrates moral integrity as well, and has been a mentor for many students throughout the years. I highly recommend Tessa White as a qualified and inspiring ballet instructor! - Valarie Earl

My name is Leila Grider.  I have been dancing for just over a year and this is my first year participating in Ballet Rejoice.  I wanted to join this program because it allows me to do what I love while also worshiping God.  As the audience watches me I hope they see me putting my heart into the choreography while dancing for God and having fun.

Tessa is not only a ballerina but a teacher at heart. She invests so much to her craft of teaching ballet. The dancers, whom she influences on a daily basis, have changed lives forever after they take from Tessa. She offers more than just a ballet experience; she brings love, creativity, beauty, a keen eye for detail, mechanics of movement, and a safe space to every one of her dancers, whatever their age may be. I have enjoyed watching Tessa hone her craft and her career as a ballet instructor over many years, and I am confident saying that she is the best. - Brittany Benedetto

I started dancing at the age of 5 and it has been my passion ever since. This is my second year being a part of Ballet Rejoice, and I absolutely love being able to express my relationship with God through dance. - Sophia Valdez